• US News Distribution

      From disclosure services for publicly traded companies to multimedia releases that include photo and videos – NewMediaWire offers a full range of products. And all our distribution solutions include search engine optimization to help ensure your news gets online visibility.

      • NewMediaWire’s custom distribution network that includes access to the top financial & media platforms such as AP, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, OTC Markets, Bloomberg and thousands of other journalists & news outlets.

      • Worldwide saturation through downstream sites including Google News, Yahoo! Finance, Marketwatch, Etrade, Ameritrade and many more.

      • Free distribution to print and online trade media and industry opinion leaders in vertical market categories.

      • Free social media sharing links to submit your news to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular sharing sites.

      • Embedded multimedia options to showcase and share your visual branded images

      • Free corporate logo linked to your own website to drive traffic and boost your branding efforts.

      • Free posting to NewMediaWire.com

      • Reporting and engagement reports

    • International Distribution

      Reaching global audiences has never been easier. NewMediaWire Global Circuits provide a single-step solution to reach news media and investor audiences in key financial markets throughout the world.

      Includes distribution and posting to online services, databases and web sites as well as appropriate translations to:

      • Asia

      • Africa

      • Canada

      • Europe

      • Latin America/South America

      • Middle East

    • Customized Industry Premium Packages

      NewMediaWire delivers customized end-to-end distribution, delivering your news to our most comprehensive national media circuit, thousands of websites and investors, as well as social media and bloggers.

      Our premium packages drive your messages to your selected industry sector across traditional and online media as well as mobile audiences. Our lists include:

      • African American

      • Asian Wire US

      • Capitol Hill

    • Targeted Media and Influencers (Microlists and iHub)

      Distributing press releases over our national newslines gives you a broad reach across all types of media. Targeted microlists & InvestorHub are our most popular add-ons to supplement any PR & IR campaign. These industry-specific distributions have targeted delivery to journalists and influencers covering particular industries. Join the conversation via:

      • 1) Industry Targeted Microlists: NewMediaWire developed proprietary email lists to targeted media and influencers across key industry segments. Last year, we distributed millions of PR & marketing content and are proud to serve leading global companies to targeted media, influencers and social media.

      • 2) InvestorHub: NewMediaWire has partnered with ​InvestorHub ​to ​provide a forum for investors to gather and share market insights in a dynamic environment using an advanced discussion platform. ​ iHub boasts an excess of 40,000 new messages each trading day from over 551,000 members.​ With NewMediaWire’s proprietary CMS, clients can select iHub with just one click when submitting their press release!

    • Photo Distributions

      NewMediaWire has partnered with the Associated Press (AP) to offer one of the industry's most robust photo distribution networks, including the centerpiece of the distribution of AP Photo Express, one of the world's largest photo networks. There is no more efficient and cost effective method to reach US newspapers than NewMediaWire’s customized placement via AP Photo Express.

      • AP Photo Express reaches some 1,200 US newspapers

      • Distributed and transmitted directly into the publication's digital network

      • Commercial photo archival service with worldwide membership exceeding 25,000

      • Share news and content with the people most interested in it

      • Free posting to NewMediaWire.com

      • Reporting and engagement reports

    • Disclosure and Regulatory Filings

      Rely on NewMediaWire for efficiency and security in meeting your regulatory filing and disclosure requirements in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and select European Union markets. Services include EDGAR, SEDAR, XBRL and UK filings.

      • EDGAR Filing

      • XRBL

      • SEDAR Filings

      • UK Regulatory Filing

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