Investor Relations Suite

SEC compliant hosted IR solution to reach your shareholders

showcase of responsive investor relations website

Investor Relations websites come preloaded with all the key features of best practice IR websites to enable public companies to not only meet financial disclosure, but tell your corporate story to broaden audiences and followers. Our proprietary CMS includes automated financial reports and stock quotes, press release postings, event calendars, social media sharing, email alerts and other key components. Leading companies use our award-winning software to seamlessly integrate a branded IR website within minutes into their existing corporate website.

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Filings, Exchange, Newswire

Financials & Press

  • News releases
  • Official logos
  • Executive information
  • Corporate information
  • SEC filings page

First Call Analyst Estimates

  • Earnings comparison
  • P/E comparison
  • Analyst ratings
  • EPS trends and revisions

Stock Quotes

  • Current and historical stock performance
  • Stock splits
  • Benchmark comparisons

Event-Centric Stock Graph

Demonstrate historical share performance with a stock graph

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Library Corporate Governance Overview Page

Presents your governance mission and a menu of required documents, defined by Sarbanes-Oxley, including:

  • Audit Committee Charter
  • Compensation Committee Charter
  • Code of Conduct & Ethics
  • Disclosure of financial expert on the audit committee

Quarterly Results Page

  • Easy access to core financial information for investors
  • Display each quarter’s earnings in different formats and media options, including Word, PDF, Excel, PPT and audio

Analyst Coverage

Help Investor’s Research Sell Side Reports While Marketing The Caliber Of Analysts Following Your Company

RSS Feeds and Email Alerts

Opt-in for shareholders to keep informed of your latest information and posts through RSS and email notifications