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Auri Launches a National Wholesale Portal for Re-Sellers With a New Product

DALLAS, TX - (NewMediaWire) - April 12, 2024 - Auri Inc. (OTCPK: AURI) (the Company) adds additional “Knockout the Pain”, muscle pain management line of products.

Today, the company introduced several new products in the Knockout line “Knockout, The Pain”, featuring a new enabled portal for clients who may want to become re-sellers. Registration is available at, where anyone can establish a reseller relationship with the company by opening an account, and/or join.

“At Auri Inc., we believe that everyone has a champ “inside”, and we are winners. We have over 20 products under development. So, allowing others to achieve financial benefits from The Champ “Knockout” line as a re-seller is an endorsement of goodwill and sharing value with others!” stated JJ Bake, The Champ marketing.

These new products included topical cream, a spray bottle, and a roll-on. These extremely powerful products are based on our powerful formula that features patented S.E.N.D.S. technology. “We are experiencing a very positive response to our product line, ‘Knockout’, featuring the champ Riddick Bowe, at The product is getting traction due to its formula that features four (4) incredible ingredients combined to create a very powerful formula. The Knockout line features CBD, Delta 9, and Lion’s Mane Smart Shrooms combined with a patented S.E.N.D.S technology that enhances flavor, absorption, potency, and longer lasting experience,” explains Edward Vakser, chairman and product designer.

The Knockout products launch features the Knockout #Pain, #CBDcream, #Gummies, followed by Knockout punch and full line of non-alcohol drinks, with #CBD, #Delta-9, #THC, and #lionsmane smart #shrooms, that completes the full pain and sleep management products offerings while giving the consumers a long lasting and enjoyable experience. 

Riddick Bowe management and marketing teams are linking all their social media and contacts to Auri Inc., portals and marketing teams, and wholesale processing The overall following presents a very healthy audience with approximately 400,000 to a million followers and viewers.

Recently, the company announced the following developments.

Auri Inc. is extremely excited to have a distributor with over 3,000 accounts spread throughout North America. Serving customers for over 30 years and focused on delivering quality products to customers through over 25 states. The Company’s distribution sales connection at: is now open for business.

About Riddick Bowe

“THE CHAMP”, Riddick Bowe, world greatest boxing champion with the undisputed 4 major boxing championship belts. The Champ, Riddick Bowe started his career with a Super Heavyweight medal win in 1988 Summer Olympics and finished his stellar “Knockout” career with a total of 45 fights, 43 wins, AND an impressive 33 wins by KO (Knockout) with only 1 loss. 

AURI Inc. is as good as gold! The Company was formed by a group of investors whose talents and interests were based in Production, Content Development, Audio/Visual Presentations, Intellectual Properties Development, and acquisitions, as well as oil and gas and real estate investments. Recently, the company used its intellectual properties and contacts to launch a celebrities endorsed full line of #CBD, #Delta-9, #THC gummies, drinks, and nutritional products under

Auri Inc. has launched its own tokens and Crypto Currency Auri has also licensed its Art Inventory at nft/ The management is based around seasoned corporate officers, directors and consultants who are experienced in management and mergers/acquisitions of multimillion-dollar companies. The company's plan and concept were developed and based around a plan of acquiring and developing High End Art and Reproductions, backed by AURI Gold Crypto Currency, focusing AURI INC. to become a Publisher and Licensor as well as NFT developer. Then, retaining the duplication and reproduction rights, on an exclusive basis, in order to sell and distribute the products worldwide. The company and management believe that they can create, sustain, and grow one of the largest art publishing companies in the world. AURI Inc. also owns a wholly owned subsidiary: EVAP Inc. Evap Inc. has patent pending technology to assist with one of the biggest issues in the oil and gas industry, "PRODUCED WATER". The technology can take produced saltwater and turn it into a steam cleaner than most cities' tap water by removing most of the metals and suspended solids.

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